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The complete professional grade kit

We wanted to create a skin care device that can be used by anyone and also be versatile enough to be used by professionals in their practice. The Lift Wand Pro encompasses everything that is great and positively received by our customers. Not just limited to specific areas of the face, the new Lift Wand now can be used on the neck, on the body such as stretch marks on the thigh or flabby arms. The addition of the Derma roller compliments your skincare regime by rejuvenating cell regeneration of scars, pimples, and blemishes. Micro needle skin massage increases skin permeability without harming underlying capillary system. The aluminum case is rugged enough for daily travel and is water and weatherproof.

The full kit includes 7 electrodes with specific application areas making it the most powerful and versatile anti-aging device. Upgraded from the standard 4 electrodes and includes the breakthrough Derma roller, it’s your very own esthetician toolset included in this package. The Lift Wand Pro does everything the standard one does, utilizing high frequency currents to increase blood circulation and eliminate bacteria to improve skin elasticity and collagen production.


Lift Wand high frequency tool
7 Electrodes for each specific area-Comb, Behind the Ear, Neck, Nose, Spoon, Body roller, Face
540 needles Derma roller
Aluminum Carrying case with secure snap

The new and improved Lift Wand Pro includes a total of 7 electrodes and a derma roller, fully equipped for any professional treatment on the skin. Encased in a aluminum carrying case for easy transportation wherever you want to go. The most powerful and versatile Anti-aging device now is better then ever.

 Lift Wand Pro + Lift Bar Special 

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  Includes: Lift Wand, 7 electrodes, Derma roller,       Aluminum carrying case+ Lift Bar

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Beauty salons charge hundreds for each high frequency treatment visit. Now you'll be able to use it from the comfort of your own home and portable for travel!

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