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Beauty salons charge hundreds for each high frequency treatment visit. Now you'll be able to use it from the comfort of your own home and portable for travel!

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 My husband looked much younger within a week, the liver spots on his face were much lighter.For myself, I see a definite improvement in the lines around my mouth and by my chin. I have hated them, and they are becoming less noticeable. The small wand I have been using behind my ears on the scars from two surgeries last year. The pain has been a total constant, but now I hardly notice it. The ringing in my right ear has also become less noticeable. I think it may be a life saver.--Yvonne

Absolutely love this lift wand! My aesthetician recommended it and so glad she did! I have been using it several months and it has helped with my oily skin and get rid of those big cysts I get in my t-zone by killing the bacteria. And as a result has even helped prevent those horrible scars you can get from cysts and bad acne. I also love the fact that it helps diminish my wrinkles. I would recommend anybody wanting clearer, youthful skin use this! I would be lost without it! --James

 i don't have wrinkles, acne or any scars but I was curious to get this facial device because it seems functional & I want to get some device to rejuvenate my skin.I've used it a few times after I got this product. It's very easy to use & it makes my skin healthier.I'm happy to choose this device & I'll keep using it for my face to see obvious outcome such as my dark circles area. :) --Yuki 

After reading it, I went to YouTube, to watch a video.The customer service is great. The behind the ear electrode was broken, I e-mailed them, and in about 2 hour's I got a response. I did what they needed, and they shipped me another one, and I did not have to return the broken one. I was very pleased and surprised. I got it very quickly.I hope that this review will help you. --Verneitta 

I'm very impressed with how well the Lift Wand works, so far. I've been using it daily (at the highest level) for two weeks now, and I've already noticed improvements in the lines and wrinkles around my eyes, neck, forehead, and the overall appearance of my skin is much smoother. I've had skin tightening treatments before, but I'm amazed at how this little thing seems to be doing the trick and it costs far less than one skin tightening treatment does at a doctor's office. I can't wait to see what my skin looks like after a month. Hey -- I'll be 55 in May, so having people think I'm my 31 year old daughter's sister, works for me!--Barbie

 I love this product!!! In one week I already see a difference in my forehead (no more Botox for me) that's how great it is!!! My skin looks smooth. I also tried on some stretch marks and they have diminished significantly. Easy to use. Doesn't hurt. I highly recommend!! I can't say enough about this product. Very glad I gave it a try.--Ffdem

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