The Most Versatile Device

 The Lift Wand comes with 4 different electrodes, each one is meant for specific application areas of your skin. The swappable​ attachments are easy to replace and clean after use. 

Use the face electrode to increase elasticity and collagen production while removing wrinkles and eye bags.

​The nose electrode to minimize pores and control oil production, the ear electrode for hard to reach areas and sagging skin behind your ear lobes.  And the comb electrode to massage your scalp to give you thicker, fuller hair. 

The Lift Wand is also sleek and travel friendly, it  can be carried around with you as long as there is accessible power outlet that can plug into. 

Why The Lift Wand

The Lift Wand is a portable high frequency machine that is more powerful and efficient utilizing 20 watts to generate a safe and potent high frequency treatment to help you lift more wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin than before. While many other high frequency devices use cheap internals and operating at half the power, we want to give you a premium device similar to the ones used by beauticians that costs much less.

Improves circulation while balancing the PH value of the skin to prevent bacteria from growing. 

​​2 STEP TREATMENT SYSTEM-Argan oil softens and heals skin while the Lift Wand treats anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin tightening while improving the overall complexion lost by aged and dry skin. 

​Minimizes scars and blemishes through repeated use. Rejuvenate dull, tired, dry skin. Improves appearance of scars, blemishes , and wrinkles also restores shine and luster to frizzy, brittle damaged hair

High Frequency is breakthrough device that is widely used by industry professionals due to its ability to purify, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin and is a safe and gentle alternative to expensive and skin lift procedures, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, collagen and Botox injections and kills bacteria in prevent of further acne breakout.


The skin is like every living organism that can heal itself, but plagued by stress and contaminated oxidation can cause accelerated aging. Wrinkles and sagging appear with age and are the first signs of visual decline on our complexion. High frequency facial machines are commonly used by Estheticians in salons but that can be costly ranging from $200-300 per visit. Now you can use these portable high frequency machines in the comfort of your own home while retaining the potency of the treatment with the Lift Wand. 

High frequency machines also known as d'arsonval high frequency also increase collagen production of the skin and assist to exfoliate dead skin cells by stimulating the pores. They also produce skin and muscle toning. Through the mild tissue warming effect and increased circulation in the upper layers of skin, underlying blood vessels begin to contract and force out toxins in the process. Increased blood circulation allows for cell renewal, while the elevated levels of collagen improve skin texture. Another function of high-frequency current application is the antibacterial function that helps combat against acne and blackhead growth.

The benefit of using a high frequency device is that it enhances treatment of acne, blackspots, pimples, and sagging skin. The electrodes generate Argon gas that is activated by the Lift Wand and safely increases blood circulation to supply oxygen to the skin. This helps improve many effects of age on skin such as puffy eyes, wrinkles, blemishes, and overall complexion.

Look Younger in 15 mins

100% Moroccan Argan Oil

The Lift Wand comes packaged with a bottle of Moroccan Argan oil that is 100% natural and imported from the fruits of Moroccan Argan tree cold pressed to achieve enhanced results. The Argan oil is used in preparation for the skin to absorb treatment more effectively in combination with the Lift Wand.


  • Rejuvenate dull, tired, dry skin 
  • Improves appearance of scars, blemishes , and wrinkles 
    Restore shine and luster to frizzy, brittle damaged hair

Easy to USe!